Uptown Charlotte Engagement | Sarah + Aaron

Uptown Charlotte Engagement

Their Story!

How long have you been together?

“We met on a dating app. After many terrible first dates I (Sarah) was ready to give up, but with Aaron it was definitely different!”

How did the proposal go?

“Aaron proposed the day before school officially started. I was at school and had just met all my new students at open house. The day before my principal called me to set up a meeting with me for Wednesday at noon. I just thought this was a normal meeting, but later I found out I was wrong! Around noon I received a call from my principal that she was on her way down. I was sitting on my desk, without shoes on, when she arrived. She told me she needed to go get something in the hall and that's when Aaron walked in carrying dozens of roses. I was completely shocked to see him standing there. He came into my classroom, followed by my sister (the day's designated photographer). Then he got down on one knee and proposed. After I said YES my mom, his mom, and a bunch of my coworkers came into my classroom to celebrate with us. 

It was the BEST proposal and I was so surprised. Looking back on it I can't believe how many people lied to me to make the day a reality!”

What makes you unique as a couple?

“Aaron and I are completely weird, especially when it's just the two of us. We are often found singing (Aaron making up his own renditions of songs), dancing in the kitchen, and talking in weird voices. We are completely comfortable around each other :) 

We have the same values in life regarding religion, professions, kids, etc. We also speak the same love language (quality time), which, according to the book, is rare for a couple!”