Tuscan Ridge Wedding | Montasia + Carl

How would you describe your wedding day?

Our wedding day was truly a blessing come true. Up until the big day we were concerned about the weather, growing guest count, and plenty of other things. We were so thankful for how beautiful the day was, how accommodating the venue owners were for our guests, how romantic the atmosphere was and how the love was almost tangible. We couldn't have asked for a better memory, and we are honored to have had our moments captured so flawlessly by the Nix team!

What was your favorite moment from your wedding day?

Favorite moment was just before the sparkler shoot, we had the full dance floor to ourselves. Carl collaborated with the MC and DJ for a surprise dance to one of our favorite songs. It was so unforgettable. We had a second to look around and take in such a phenomenal day away from the crowd. For that moment in time we were no longer the bride and groom, we were just Carl and Tay, the couple that loves to dance with or without a crowd around. It was the perfect moment for on the first night of our journey through together.

What about the tuscan Ridge was special to you?

The architecture, lighting, and accessibility to beautiful scenery indoor and outdoors. I was just romantic and elegant enough to help us leave a lasting impression on our guests.  We will never forget those beautiful doors opening to reveal the archway in front our loved ones. The cross in the stone wall backdrop was the perfect touch between us because we know that God had shown us so much favor on our special day.

What's the one thing your family and friends have commented on the most about your wedding?

How beautiful the venue was, and how they have not had that much fun in a long time!

what's the best piece of advice you got leading up to the wedding?

Best advice for us was to take in every moment because in spite of all of the planning, the day will be over before we know it.

 I wish we could say that they were wrong, but after it was all said and done, we wished we could have had more time. Time to love on our guests, time to dance, and time to create even more everlasting memories. 

Any fun stories from your day you'd like to share?

So many! Just know that our flower girl was born to twirl, the bride's bouquet toss will NEVER be forgotten, cutting a cake together is a lot more difficult than it looks, always look back  to see if your chair is where you left it before  you sit down , and there is NO better feeling than being surrounded by loved ones! 

Wedding Professionals

Venue Tuscan Ridge

Wedding Planner Emore Campbell

DJ Cease Fire Production

Caterer Tiffany’s at the Boardroom