The Laboratory Mill Wedding | Lindsey + Frank

How did the two of you meet?

“We met through the dating app Plenty of Fish. We talked on the phone and skyped for about a month until I realized he was who he said he was and then we decided to meet in person.  Frank was very understanding because I'm such a cautious person and he let me pick the location to meet. I decided to meet him at the local Mexican resturant which was just down the road from my school. I can remember seeing him get out of his truck and remembering how tall he was and I noticed his strong arms when he gave me a hug. While sitting across from him in the restaurant I remember thinking he was who he said he was and that my feeling towards him had not changed from skyping with him and texting him. I found myself liking him more and more each moment I was with him. At the end of the night, he was such a gentleman and I felt so comfortable with him and that is when I knew he was the one.”

How did he propose?

“Frank had planned a weekend trip with my parents and the two of us to go Pigeon Forge where he had rented a log cabin. We first drove to Clingman's Dome before going to the cabin for the night because it turned out to be a whole day trip. The higher that we got up in the mountain you could see even more trees just covering the mountain tops. We were looking at the trees and I noticed my mom was taking pictures but she always does that. Then I looked at Frank because he had taken my hand and got down on one knee. I stood there and Frank was telling me how happy I had made him and that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me and I just cried and cried. All I could see was a purple blob because I was crying so much and I couldn't speak.  I said yes as fast as I could and kept crying until we got back to the car because I was just so happy and I couldn't believe he finally asked me. My parent's were thrilled and kept taking photo after photo.”

What makes you unique, either as a couple or individually?

“Frank and I have gotten along well with each other since day one. On our first date we already could finish the other's sentence/thought and I always felt comfortable with him. More comfortable with him than any of my past relationships. Frank is a truck driver so he always likes to have plans to go somewhere or getting ready to go somewhere. When I first met Frank, I haven't really thought about traveling that much but now I love it because we have traveled the whole east coast in the almost three years that we have been together.  I know for me I enjoy seeing new places and learning new things and by going with just me and him it makes us closer to one another because we get to figure out what we want to do. It gives us time to talk and just enjoy being together.  Other than traveling we like hanging out with our families, me especially since family is a big part of my life.” 

Why did you choose the Laboratory Mills?

“I choose the Laboratory Mills because I love the building and the land that it is on. I know on the drive to get to the Laboratory Mills you go down a road with trees and you never would expect to see that building where it is and it is beautiful. I love the red on the outside of the building and the red brick which is around parts of the building itself. The river in the back is so peaceful and I love the water wheel that is out there because it reminds me of my time at the Cleveland County Fair that is held every year. I think the building itself has so much to offer when your there that it is hard to focus on one thing. The other main reason is because I love all of the wood that is wrapped all around the inside of the building. The ceilings are nice and tall and I love the rustic feel that you feel when you walk in and hear about the story of the Laboratory Mills.”

Wedding Professionals

Venue - The Laboratory Mill

Wedding Planner - Planned To Perfection Events

Hair & Makeup - Updos Studio

Florist - Carolina Roses

DJ - Split Second Sound / Derek

Catering - La-Tea Da's

Ceremony Officiant - Justin Roper

Videography - Brian Bunn Films

Bakery - Cheesecake Etc

Photo Booth Carolina DJ Professionals

Ceremony Music - Heartstrings Quartet