Greensboro Arboretum Engagement | Montasia + Carl

Montasia and Carl chose the Greensboro Arboretum as the setting for their engagement photos. The Arboretum is a special place for the two of them and they've visited it often to jog or simply spend time among the beautiful scenery. 

Their Story

How did you meet?

"We were both finishing up our degrees in the Greensboro area and met as neighbors who eventually became close friends. 

We had seen each other only one other time in passing ... call it a divine set up. We met through mutual friends and have been inseparable ever since."

The Proposal 

"On our annual beach trip, we decided to head to the shore for a walk at sunset. Though the sunset walk was planned, everything else came as a surprise! We scanned the beach looking for someone that could take our picture.  We had no luck finding any help and decided to set my phone up in the sand and shoot a quick video of photo poses to use later as screenshots. After a series of poses, I was down on one knee .... I professed my love and the rest was history."

What makes you unique as a couple?

"As a couple what makes us unique is same thing that makes us regular. We fell in love in a way that neither one of us dreamed possible. We have grown together intimately and spiritually. We love to have a good time which when we are together seems like all the time which is usually when we are making music together."