Sugar Mountain Ski Lift Wedding | Christine + Ryan

The one on top of a mountain during a hurricane

As Hurricane Florence bore down on North Carolina, Christine and Ryan made up their minds that they would not let it ruin their mountain top wedding on the western side of the state.

Both love the outdoors and had planned a beautiful mountain top ceremony on Sugar Mountain where they and their guests would ride ski lifts up and down from the ceremony site. The week leading up to the wedding was spent constantly refreshing weather apps by both bride and photographer. The hurricane was destined to make landfall in North Carolina, but how would it affect a wedding some 300 miles away in the mountains?

When the wedding day arrived, Christine was determined to have her wedding on top of the mountain, hurricane or not. The outer bands of the storm dumped wind and rain throughout the day, but everything carried on as planned. Shuttles took most of the guests to the top of the mountain where they were met with ponchos and beer. The wedding party, however, had other plans.

Group by group they loaded onto the ski lifts and rode 1,200 feet into the clouds. Most of the ride was through a foggy abyss and the only thing to see was the faint outline of the lift ahead.

The ceremony site was barely visible through the clouds, rain, and wind. Christine and her father walked to a custom doorway, built by an aunt and uncle, and then down the aisle. Ryan and everyone else were already soaked as Christine approached. Her veil flew off in the wind moments after reaching the alter. But the wedding went on. Her brother, a Marine, officiated and the vows were exchanged.

Afterwards, the entire bridal party and most of the wedding guests rode the ski lifts back down to the lodge. It took a few minutes to dry off, but that didn’t stop the party that followed.

Wedding Professionals

Wedding Planner: Eden House Brides and Bouquets

Venue: Sugar Mountain Resort

Hair & Makeup: Canvas Boone

Florists: Eden House Brides and Bouquets

Entertainment: Benjamin T. Warner

Photo Booth: Pixel Dust Photo Booth