South Carolina Engagement | Stephanie + Jerry

Stephanie and Jerry met while attending the University of South Carolina, so Columbia was a perfect backdrop for their engagement photos. We visited the campus' historic Horseshoe before moving to the nearby Riverfront Park underneath the Gervais Street Bridge. 

How did the two of you meet?

We were both in the school of business at the University of South Carolina and had a bunch of mutual friends. We first met at Pizza Man when a group of friends got together for dinner one night. We didn't talk for a while after that, but saw each other when we were out with those same friends. Finally, we had our first date at Rockaways (a small restaurant in Columbia) and continued to see each other past that point. 

The Proposal?

The proposal was a complete surprise for Stephanie as she didn't even know Jerry went ring shopping. Jerry had reserved a room at the Duke Mansion for a night in December, 2017, but Stephanie didn't know. Jerry had only told Stephanie that he wanted to go to dinner that night, so she shouldn't stay at work too late.

Stephanie came home early from work, but Jerry hadn't even gotten home yet since he was at the Duke Mansion getting everything ready for that night. Jerry sent Stephanie a text asking her to pack an overnight bag and be ready to leave in a few minutes. Jerry then picked Stephanie up from the house and drove to the hotel (at which point Stephanie still had no clue where we were going). Once there, we walked around the gardens for a few minutes (even though it was freezing outside) and then went upstairs. We walked in the Dowd Suite, where a table for two had been set and there was a card addressed to Stephanie on the table.

At that point, Stephanie knew what was going to happen. Jerry asked her to have a seat at the table and read the card, then got down on one knee and proposed. Shortly thereafter dinner was served in the room.

Why did you choose Columbia for your engagement photos?

We chose USC for our pictures because that's where we both went to school and first met. The horseshoe is the historic part of USC's campus. 

Also, we both really like outdoor activities and the water, so we figured the Riverwalk would provide some good locations for our pictures as well.