Questions: What's your specialty?


Charlotte Wedding PhotographyQuestions to ask your wedding photographer

What’s your specialty?

The truth is, there are multiple styles of wedding photography out there; photography, like any art form, comes in many different variations.

Charlotte Wedding Photograpy by Nix WeddingsThere is the candid and unobtrusive style of wedding photography commonly referred to as wedding photojournalism.

A wedding photojournalist lets the day unfold and is skilled at capturing the decisive moments as they happen with little interruption and direction to the bride and groom. The photos are very authentic and there is an emphasis in emotion and artistically capturing the moments of the day.

The more traditional portrait style of wedding photography has been a standard for years. This photographer specializes in the classic bride and groom photos along with family portraiture. A traditional portrait photographer has a keen eye for every little detail and will take control of each situation, often acting as a coordinator.

The fashion-driven high art style of wedding photography is what is seen in many bridal magazines. This type of photographer will create imaginative and artistic images from your wedding day. The emphasis here is on posed and highly controlled portraiture.

There is no right or wrong answer when is comes to choosing a wedding photographer. The best wedding photographers have a healthy blend of multiple styles. Many couples like to see a good mix of candid moments from the day plus strong portraiture they can show off to friends and hang on the wall.

Charlotte Wedding Photography

Think about what is most important to you and look for a photographer who can best deliver what you want.

While thinking about the style of wedding photographer you choose to hire, the second part of the equation, and possibly the most important part, is do you actually like the person behind the camera?

It’s very easy to sit back and think all photographers are the same. After all, we’re just people who put an expensive computer in front of our face and push a button ... right?

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Photography is, and will always be, an extremely personal art form. Photography is about connecting with other people. Photography is very intimate. You must be comfortable with the person behind the camera, and they must be comfortable with you. It sounds silly, but if you don’t trust the person taking your photos, it will show up in the images. Your photographer is with you for the majority of your wedding day and your photos will be your direct link back to your wedding for the rest of your life. Do your research and meet with multiple people. This is an important decision.