O.Henry Hotel Greensboro Wedding | Hanna + Kyle

How would you describe your wedding day overall?

Great, but a blur. Even while trying to take the day in, it still seemed to pass by us quickly. And honestly, a little surreal. There were times where we’d look at each other and go, “We’re actually getting married today!” 

What was your favorite moment from your wedding day?

For Kyle, there was a moment when Hanna was taking a bridal shot in the hallway and she looked so beautiful and it really hit home he was getting married. For Hanna, it was the ceremony. It was sweet and simple, and everything she wanted. We both loved our first dance too! 

What about Deep River Friends Meetinghouse and the O.Henry Hotel was special to you?

Deep River Friends was special as it is our home church and really beautiful in its Quaker simplicity. We also loved the O.Henry’s classic style.

What's the one thing your family and friends have commented on the most?

The top three would be the ceremony, our special music during the ceremony sung by our dear friend Carrie, and our first dance. 

In hindsight, what's the best piece of advice you got leading up to the wedding?

When making wedding decisions, if you like it and it is at the right price point, go for it. Trying to find the ‘perfect’ choice is a slippery slope. Don’t get bogged down with options; make a choice and move on. 

Are there any fun stories from your day you'd like to share?

We loved having Wolverine at our reception! One of our ring bearers, a huge superhero fan, received a Wolverine outfit as her wedding gift from us to change into at our reception. She looked fabulous and definitely one of the best dressed there!