Mountain Wedding at the Cabin Ridge | Amanda + Aaron

The Cabin Ridge in Hendersonville, North Carolina, offers picturesque views of the Blue Ridge Mountains and it was a gorgeous backdrop for Amanda and Aaron’s wedding. It was a fun a relaxed evening filled with beautiful scenic views, back yard games like corn hole, smores, and a lot of fun for everyone.

How would you describe your wedding day overall?

Our wedding day was hands down the best day of our lives. You always expect something to go wrong, but we really were amazed that everything went off without a single issue. 

What was your favorite moment from your wedding day?

There was a point during the reception where I just looked around, and it was so cool to see people from different families just hanging out together. Some people were down by the fire roasting smores, some people were playing bags, and others were just dancing or talking. We felt very blessed that everyone had come together for our special day. 

What about the Cabin Ridge was special to you?

The views were absolutely incredible. The pictures that are posted from the Cabin Ridge don't even compare to what you see in person. 

What's the one thing your family and friends have commented on the most?

Our family was really impressed with our ability to keep the wedding small and low-key without it being cheap. It really was like an up-scale backyard party - a beautiful view, cornhole, pulled pork, and a bonfire all while surrounded by our family. 

In hindsight, what's the best piece of advice you got leading up to the wedding?

Just don't worry about it. The day is going to go how the day is going to go. It goes so fast - just focus on why you're there in the first place. It's really all about the two of you coming together. 

Are there any fun stories from your day you'd like to share?

My favorite part of the day was our first dance. I surprised my husband with a recorded version of me singing our first dance song. His reaction was priceless enough. At the end of the song, though, the audio cut out and the song stopped. We stood there awkwardly for a few seconds, but, without a second thought, all of our guests finished out the last chorus of "You Are My Sunshine" in unison so that we could finish. It was amazing.