Kristen + Sean | NC/SC Mountain Wedding

Kristen and Sean are an adventurous couple and their wedding fit them so perfectly the day couldn't be contained in one location. After getting ready for the wedding at a golf resort in Brevard, North Carolina, the entire wedding party took a party bus to the gorgeous Pretty Place Chapel in South Carolina for the ceremony. Following the vows, the wedding party headed to several scenic overlooks in Caesars Head State Park for photos and sight seeing before capping the night at the Brevard Lumber Yard in North Carolina.

How would you describe your wedding day?

The day of our dreams. Every moment was perfect and us and we got to celebrate with our favorite people.

Which details of your day stand out the most?

The weather cooperating perfectly with our travel and photos and our guests. The fog enveloping our wedding and then lifting throughout the ceremony. The beautiful storm rolling over the mountains just as our guests pulled off. The rain pouring until we got to our picture locations and then breaking. The amazing party with friends and family.

What was your favorite part about your wedding venue?

It is the most gorgeous location and the fog lifting throughout the ceremony filled us with joy and made the most beautiful pictures. The ceremony was the only time some of our guests were able to celebrate with us and it was perfect and wonderful!

What did your guests mention the most after the wedding?

That it was so us and was the best wedding they had ever been too (and then would give details as to why, so I think they really meant it and weren't just saying it)!

Do you have any advice for future engaged couples?

Pick what matters at the beginning before you look for ideas. Remind yourself as you go of what didn't matter in the beginning to help keep you on budget. Enjoy being engaged some before planning too much, and then enjoy the process! Your love and having your best people with you on the day will make it perfect no matter what you decide in the planning process, so remember that!

How do you plan to use your photos?

FOR EVERYTHING!! They are so wonderful and captured our perfect day. We have plans for an album, scrapbooking, some to hang on the walls, and whatever else we can think to do with them. If the wife gets her way, there will probably be some kitschy coasters or pillows printed up too.

Are there any fun stories from your wedding day you'd like to share!

There are so many: the flower girl picking some of the flowers back up, photos with umbrellas, the rain pouring to break as soon as we walked out of the bus to take pictures, dodging the cousin's questions about where we were staying so they didn't show up to prank, delaying the cookie cake cutting because one of the kids had to decorate just a little more, our friend the musician playing more songs than planned and our flexible DJ enjoying every minute of it, the DJ making sure the bride didn't get her own delicious BBQ so she didn't dirty her dress, our wonderful photographers being on point and flexible when we wanted photos with different groups of people (her family, his family, just the siblings, these friends, those friends, and so on), so many more.