Jill + Rick | Big Chill Charlotte Wedding

How would you describe your wedding day?

The weather was almost perfect. Our vendors were amazing, so there were no last-minute problems to cause any stress. We each handled that differently. Jill got an early start, and watched the sunrise. Rick slept in. We spent time with friends. We laughed. We enjoyed the party. It was everything we wanted it to be.

Which details of your day stand out the most?

Jill: We hired a vintage car to drive the two of us from the ceremony to our photo locations. This gave us an opportunity to enjoy some well-needed time together, away from the wedding party. But I also remember seeing Rick at the end of the aisle. That’s literally all I remember. I don’t remember seeing the flowers, and I didn’t seeing any of our guests. All I saw was him.

Rick: The groomsmen arrived at the church about an hour ahead of the ceremony. That hour was a blur. I remember the ceremony was a few minutes behind schedule, much to the dismay of the church’s wedding coordinator. And suddenly, there I was at the end of the aisle when she came into view through the double-doors. She was absolutely stunning, and that’s what I remember most.

What was your favorite part about your wedding venue?

Big Chill is laid out incredibly well, with separate spaces for the cocktail hour and reception area, along with a private room for the bride and groom. Those details alone make it a good venue, but it also has a ton of character, which give it a vintage feel. One of our guests even commented it felt like something out of the Great Gatsby. We also liked their unique surprise way of introducing the Bride and Groom! It was a complete surprise to the guests and it made for some great photo ops!

What did your guests mention the most after the wedding?

There were a couple common themes. First and foremost, everyone had an absolute blast dancing the night away. Our DJ was THAT good! Secondly, the food was fantastic. One of our guests even told us he went back for thirds. Lastly, everyone was asking us about Jill’s family’s unofficial family dance to Paradise by the Dashboard Light. It all started with Jill’s sister’s wedding over 10 years ago, the men all lined up and the women all lined up and acted out the song and sang every word. It’s been ‘performed’ at every major family function since.

Do you have any advice for future engaged couples?

A. You’re going to fight. A lot. Way more than you normally would just because the planning and decision making is so stressful. Just remember to take a step back and think about why you’re getting married in the first place. No one matters as much as the two of you.

B. The day before your wedding, take time out for just the two of you. Put your phones away, and ignore the world for a while, even if it’s for just an hour.

C. To all future Brides, choose your bridesmaids wisely. The bridesmaids will spend almost 24 hours together with bride on the day of the wedding, not to mention the countless times you’ll see each other in the months prior to the big day. Make sure they are people you can get along with over an entire day.

D. To all future Grooms, follow your Bride’s lead when you pick groomsmen. Choose people who are reliable, fun, and willing to pick up slack wherever it’s needed. You’ll need their help when the suits aren’t fitting right, or someone can’t figure out how to tie a tie.

How do you plan to use your photos?

What aren’t we going to do with our photos? They’re cherished memories, and they’re EXCELLENT. We plan to frame and display most of ours, and we’ve already shared the whole batch with everyone on social media. We also plan to frame some of the photos of our friends and family, and give them away as gifts.

Are there any fun stories from your wedding day you'd like to share!

A. Jill’s cousin really liked the smell of the Poo-Pouri that was used to stock the wedding toiletry basket in the ladies’ room. In fact, she liked it so much, she tried to steal it by hiding it in her dress. Her plan was foiled when it spilled all over her. She was a good sport about it, though, and was running around the reception shortly thereafter, telling people to check out her new perfume.

B. Jill and her bridesmaids, in perfect Jill fashion, got to the church about an hour and a half before the ceremony. So they had a lot of time to hang out while waiting for the ceremony to begin. One of Jill’s very good friends is Jewish, and somehow the ladies got on the topic of the Hora (a traditional Jewish dance performed at weddings). So, in all their full formal clothes, inside a Catholic Church, the ladies were taught how to do the Hora, while singing Hava Nagila. Jill’s mother even joined in the fun. I think James even got a few shots of them having a blast. It was a great memory for Jill.


Photography: Nix Wedding Photography

Venue: Big Chill

DJ: Z Brothers 

Baker: The Icing & the Cake

Florist: April's Floral Expressions

Hair Stylist: Emma Carrol

Make Up Artist: La La Girl Make Up, Nicole Bolin

Vintage Car: Back in Time Rides, Josie Rost 

Wedding Bands: Blue Nile

Dress: David's Bridal

Tuxes: Men's Warehouse