DuPont State Forest Waterfall Engagement | Tiffany + Damon

Tiffany and Damon love the outdoors so when it came time to plan out their engagement photos, North Carolina's DuPont State Forest near Brevard came to mind. The trails and waterfalls proved to be a picturesque backdrop for these two nature lovers.

Their Story

How did you meet?

"Two of our closest friends used to host game nights each Sunday with board games and Game of Thrones. We first met on one of those game nights, but never really interacted. Eventually, the friends got engaged. Damon was picked as best man, and although the bride had another friend picked for her maid of honor, Tiffany took over all the duties involved. We began talking more to coordinate plans for showers and gifts, which led to a close friendship. From there, the friendship quickly grew into something more."

The Proposal?

"Damon surprised Tiffany with a trip to Biltmore for her birthday. The tickets had been bought several months before, and the ring several months before that. The day we visited, Damon was on the hunt for the perfect spot, somewhere secluded and beautiful.

The problem was our visit was at the end of November, prime time for tourism for the leaves and lights of Biltmore. Finding an appropriate area was easy, but there were always people walking by or kids yelling. We found one spot under a tree blooming in orange and yellow which seemed perfect. Damon tried to stall for a moment so a nearby family would pass by, but Tiffany was in full exploration mode. He couldn't ask her to wait a moment without giving it away, so we moved on. The same happened several more times, and eventually we headed back to the truck.

On the drive out, Damon was frantically searching for an appropriate spot. He was determined to propose before leaving the mountain, but we were running out of daylight. We found a small Christmas village on the way out of Biltmore and stopped to take in the sights. Several frustrations later, the sun was setting and we prepared to leave. On the way out, we passed a wooded area strung up with hundreds of hanging lights. Damon took the opportunity and, despite the other groups nearby, stopped Tiffany.

She picked up after a moment what was going on and made Damon promise not to kneel. Neither of us like drawing attention to ourselves, so Damon agreed and pulled out the ring. The ring was in a box with a light in it and the ring sparkled in the dark as the light hit it. We were both excited and nervous. Later on Damon kept joking that it wasn't official until he kneeled, so after getting the ring back from resizing, we made it "official" privately at home with the company of our pets."

What makes you unique, either as a couple or individually?

"Both of us enjoy Indian food, and tacos are a favorite! We also share a love of animals and the outdoors. Our mini-zoo of 3 dogs, 2 cats, a guinea pig, a snake, a hedgehog, and a bearded dragon make us a unique family!

Tiffany teaches high school science and will be starting her graduate studies in Nutrition online at NCSU this summer. She loves to read fiction, work out, hike, camp, color, watch movies, visit new places, and spend time with friends and family.

Damon is finishing up his undergrad in business this spring, then starting at NCSU as well to work on a masters in analytics. He shares a lot of the same hobbies, especially anything outdoors. Our goal in the future is to end up living somewhere in the mountains with a yard big enough to handle our many creatures. "