Engagement Session Planning

The modern engagement session, or at least the way I approach it, is an opportunity for us to work together before your wedding day and create unique images during this special time in your lives. I truly believe the time leading up to a wedding is magical, and your engagement photos serve as a documentation of this period in your life!


Recent Engagement photos

To start, browse through some recent engagement sessions. These galleries will give you an idea of what the region has to offer while giving you a glimpse at what you can expect from your engagement session. 

Time and Season

Engagement shoots can be scheduled most weeks on Mondays - Thursdays.  Depending on the time of year, there are a limited number of weekends available for an extra fee. 


Want a location other than Charlotte?

No problem at all! I love exploring new locations, and will cover travel costs within a two-hour drive. Locations outside of that may include a minimal travel fee. Let me know what you're thinking and I'll do my best to accomodate it.

Charlotte Locations

The Charlotte region offers a lot of variety when it comes to engagement photography. Here are a few spots to consider when planning your engagement shoot.

Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden

Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden

DSBG offers a great variety of garden backdrops for your engagement session. The garden does have a location fee, however it is included if you are using the garden as your wedding venue.


Uptown Charlotte

The streets and parks in Charlotte's center city have a lot of variety for engagement shoots. The Green, Trade and Tryon, First Ward Park, Romare Beardon and everywhere else inside Interstate-277 loop is a great urban landscape. Some spots do require a location fee.

Jetton Park Engagement

Jetton Park

On the shores of Lake Norman just outside of Charlotte, Jetton Park has gorgeous waterfront areas and natural trails. It's one of my favorite spots to shoot engagements in the Charlotte region. Sunsets at the lakefront beach are amazing and the wooded trails around the park are a great backdrop. Charlotte Mecklenburg Parks does require a photo permit to shoot here.

Vineyard Engagement

Local Vineyards

For the wine lovers, vineyards around the Charlotte area are a great spot for engagement photos. Local favorites include Dennis Vineyards, Childress Vineyards, Morgan Ridge Vineyards, Daveste Vineyards. Many location do ask for a photo session fee. However, wine is often included!


Things to consider

What location should we pick?

There are countless spots that provide gorgeous backdrops for your engagement photos. What really matters is finding a location or two that really speaks to who you are as a couple.  Do you love the outdoors? Are you city-dwellers and want to show off your neighborhood? Do the mountains or the water speak to you? Let's go to a place that the two of you feel at home at (even when a tall guy with a beard keeps taking photos). I love to travel, so locations are not limited to Charlotte.

Location fees?

Many popular spots, especially around Charlotte, require a location or photo permit to use their facilities, even some public parks. You can assume most private venues require one too (unless you’ve booked them for your wedding). Most fees are nominal and sometimes it’s as simple as just letting them know you’re coming, but any cost associated with permits must be covered by you. I do have the proper insurance coverage needed for most permits and can provide that info if needed.

What do we wear?

The number one rule in my book is to make sure you’re comfortable. If you’re not, you’ll be thinking too much about your clothes and not enough about the person you’re gonna marry in front of you. Coordinating your outfits is a good idea, but please don’t wear the exact same thing. You’ll thank me later.

In general, we’re going for a timeless look to your images, so I suggest keeping your clothing choices simple and staying away from overwhelming logos or patterns.

What to bring?

The most important thing is yourselves and maybe a change of clothes. Our goal is to create unique and original photos of the two of you. That said, don't be afraid to bring fun props! If you have a specific idea for your save the date cards or facebook announcement, I’m all ears! I’m more than happy to try any crazy ideas you can come up with!

What if it is raining?

It happens and we can always reschedule your shoot for another day. The last thing we want is everyone stressed out the entire time. If rescheduling is not an option or if you’re up for some fun, all my cameras have their own rain coats. I'm more than willing to play in the rain. I assure you the photos will be incredible!

Can we bring pets?

Of course! However you should definitely bring someone (parents, bridesmaids or groomsmen are perfect for this!) to help handle them or take them home. If you bring a pet, we’ll shoot photos with them them first, let them head home, and then focus on the two of you.

What do I do with my hands?

When in doubt, wrap them around your fiance. A lot of what we do during the engagement shoot is designed to make you feel comfortable and forget that you’re being photographed.